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Is 2015 going to be a legitimate year of positive change for you?  If so, humour me for a second, will ya?

In your mind, fast-forward exactly 12 months from now and picture having a glass of champagne or a hot chocolate with a good friend.  The bar or café is cosy with holiday lighting and you are feeling really good.  Imagine raving to him or her about how fantastic 2015 was, perhaps the greatest of your life so far.  You are grateful, content, fulfilled, at peace.  Your negative thinking patterns and behavior have gradually fallen away.  You are thriving.  Life feels abundant.  People even tell you how well you look.  Your life may not be perfect but it is pretty awesome.  You have that glowing feeling that you only experience when you are truly happy.

Take a few breaths and really picture it – the sounds, the warmth, your beverage in your hand. And then answer me these 3 questions:

1. What exactly does your life look like?  The more specific and colourful your vision, the better.
2. What will you have done and changed over the next 12 months to achieve this?  Be honest here.  There is probably a lot of fun work you need to get real about and get busy doing.
3. Who do you need to become in order for this magical year to unfold?  What beliefs/habits/thought-patterns do you need to drop?

In the spirit of gratitude and abundance, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of those that read and share my work, those who have received my life coaching and those who referred friends to me for coaching over this past year (from all over the world)!  I am extremely grateful for your support and love.

As we head into the new slate of 2015, its great timing to embark on the enlightening journey of becoming who you know you have the potential to be.  It’s never too soon to flourish.  As we can tell by how quickly this year passed, time does not wait for us.  And as a wise man once said, don’t let the time it takes to do something put you off doing it, the time will pass anyway.

I wish you and your families a blissful, healthy and happy holiday season.

With love –



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“The end of December is our pause in our long annual journey.  Relish the time of reflection and let it guide you forward.” via @SusieMoore


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