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Hi, I’m Susie Moore!

I’ve been obsessed with studying confidence and success since I was a kid. I’ve read 500+ self-help books. I’ve helped build three startups — all of which were sold – the most recent being sold for $405million. I’ve managed to book myself Today Show and write for likes of, to Entrepreneur, Cosmopolitan and Business Insider. And I’ve managed to do all of this without any formal qualifications.

And the best thing I know about confidence and success: it’s learned. That’s right. And it’s my mission to help more and more people feel their best feeling – confidence. And live a freedom filled, fun, approval-free life. If this is how you wanna feel – join me.

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I help people lose their limits so they get to be, do and have whatever they want the most. But don’t take it from me:

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