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To close this remarkable year I would like to share with you some ideas that I loved from a writer I discovered this summer – James Altucher – author of  the awesome book “Choose Yourself”.   2014 was a big year of change from me – I started writing again (after a decade), I interviewed some of the world’s most famous and interesting people, I significantly grew my life coaching business, I moved home, hey – I even went to a few work-out classes!   This month, I resigned from my corporate job.

Reinvention can happen any time and it’s available to everyone.  To me, change is what makes life thrilling.  And worthwhile.  And full.  Reinvention can be as gentle or as spectacular as you want it be.  Here is what James (@jamesaltucher) says about it:

Reinvention never stops.
Every day you reinvent yourself. You’re always in motion. But you decide every day: forward or backward.
When can you say, “I do X!” where X is your new career?

When can I start doing X?
Today. If you want to paint, then buy a canvas and paints today and start painting. If you want to write do these three things: Read. Write. Take your favorite author and type your favorite story of his word for word. Wonder to yourself why he wrote each word. He’s your mentor today.

If you want to start a business, start spec-ing out the idea for your business. Reinvention starts today. Every day.

It’s okay to get disillusioned. That’s what failure is about. Success is better than failure but the biggest lessons are found in failure.
There’s no rush. You will reinvent yourself many times in an interesting life. You will fail to reinvent many times. That’s fun also.
Many reinventions make your life a book of stories instead of a textbook.  Some people want the story of their life to be a textbook. For better or worse, mine is a book of stories.
Choose freedom over family. Freedom over preconceptions. Freedom over government. Freedom over people-pleasing. Then you will be pleased.

Someone who is reinventing herself will constantly find people to try and bring her down. The brain is scared of reinvention because it might not be safe.  Biologically, the brain wants you to be safe and reinvention is a risk. So it will throw people in your path who will try to stop you.
Learn how to say “no.”
The choices you make today will be in your biography tomorrow.
Make interesting choices and you will have an interesting biography.

There is more to this and it can be read here:

What biggest reinvention did you experience in 2014?  Go to my Facebook page and share a story with me.  I love hearing from you!

To You! (whoever you choose to be right now) –


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“We can define who we are any day by reinvention! Our past and our current circumstances do not define our today or tomorrow.” via @SusieMoore



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