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Today I’m talking about a subject close to my heart…. The fear of missing out (known, in a rather deceptively cute way, as FOMO).  My FOMO particularly manifests in the warmer months, what I jokingly refer to as my “summertime sadness”.

I’ve always had a fear of missing out – when I was a kid I wondered what other kids were doing on their school holidays.  When I was sunning myself on a Sydney beach I thought to myself… I wonder what women my age in New York are doing right now.  Now I live in Manhattan and I think in August, hey… is the Hamptons where all the fun is at?

I’ve learned some killer tricks along the way that massively help with FOMO – whether it’s to do with dating, networking, or plain old over-thinking.  The last one has plain old kicked me in the butt more than once!  And I thank God it has.



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