How I Turn My Negative Thoughts Around


I am excited to bring you a new video format this week.  I hope you like it – you will be seeing lots more of these in your inbox from here!

Today we are talking about a topic that many of you have asked me about.  It’s on how to overcome negative thoughts.  We all have them – those sneaky, unwanted and completely disempowering thoughts that that creep up at random times of the day or night and make us feel weak and vulnerable.

Of all the things I have heard as a coach and a human being, nothing defeats us more than our own inner critic.  Negative self-talk escapes no-one and I am convinced that if we actually listened to some of the things we tell ourselves we would be horrified.  If we were to tune into your mind for a moment – what would I hear you saying to yourself?  Would it be kind, supportive and gentle … or the opposite?

Here I share some of my negative thoughts and the techniques I use to overcome them.  Side note -watch till the very end to see the secret weapon who can almost always lift me out of a bad mood!

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