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Hello (or konnichiwa) from Japan!

A few days before leaving for vacation, I woke up on a sunny fall morning at home. I had a very good night’s sleep and felt very content. The early morning sun was out in full force. My dog was snoozing by my feet. I contemplated my sweet little life for a few seconds then went to turn off my iPhone alarm, conveniently sitting just at arm’s reach on my nightstand.

Then, less than 3 minutes later, I was a stressed out mess. I went from 0-100 with the click of a mailbox icon. Requests, questions, comments and calendar invites hit me all at once. My heart was beating before my eyes were fully open (let alone before my morning coffee)! Even worse? This happens quite a lot – if I let it.

Sound familiar? Do you wake up, snooze or stop the alarm and, before you take a few breaths to wake up, go straight to your smartphone to check your inboxes, Instagram and God-knows-what-else? Am I feeling your head nodding right now? 🙂 

When life stops feeling joyful, calm and fun it’s time for a little reboot. This week, I’m sharing with you 7 sneaky tips and tricks that I use when I need to center myself, calm down and start feeling really good again. Because I don’t want to live my life waiting for a vacation (speaking of, I’m in stunning Tokyo right now!), a Sunday morning or a “day off” to feel awesome. I want everyday to feel gorgeous. And it’s a good, fair thing if you want that for you life, too!

Here are my free, simple tips and tricks that make me feel like a million bucks with some teeny tiny life shifts.

Be phone free for the first 10 minutes every morning

Did you know that the first 10 minutes after waking are the most instrumental in setting the tone for you entire day? Sit up in bed and breathe. You can meditate for a few minutes or take your tea or coffee back to bed or to the couch.  Just keep your paws off your phone – only for 10 minutes. This way you set the tone for your day, not the outside world. Hey, everyone else will get the next 16 hours of your attention!

 Lay clothes out on the bed before you shower
This one feels a bit glam and I love it for that reason! Before you hop in the shower in the morning, lay your outfit for the day on the bed – accessories included! As you start to get dressed you can pretend a personal stylist did it for you.
Cancel something unimportant this week
This is my favourite thing to do! It gives me a real boost in fact. Cancel something you accepted on your calendar this week – a coffee, a workout class you don’t enjoy, a work meeting you don’t need to attend. Use the hours to do something that feels great – this includes taking a walk or a bath (or a nap)!
Use the nice stuff
Stop waiting to use the nice stuff in your home! Crack open that unopened expensive perfume or face cream, pour wine (even water!) into the nice crystal you keep in the cupboard, wear the top that still has the label attached because it’s sitting there for a special occasion. Today is special! Sobering thought: you never know how long you have on this earth. What are you waiting for, exactly?
Change your bed sheets
Just changing your bed sheets can give you an instant boost. And, as above, use “the nice sheets” if you have some!
– Book those overdue appointments
Way too often, we put ourselves last. Book that trip to the salon, the doctor, the dentist. Because you matter.
Clear out your handbag (or manbag)
There is nothing like a fresh purse and or bag to make you feel like you are on top of your life. Clearing out your purse that is stuffed with receipts, business cards, cotton buds, lip gloss from 2015, 13 hair elastics and a doggy poop bag can make you go from zero to hero in minutes. Be ruthless and get rid of everything that is not essential. This tip attracts more abundance too as the sacred space you hold money is in perfect order. I like to do it every couple of months.
I LOVE learning from you. What do you do when you need a boost?


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