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Happy Sunday everyone!

I was sitting on the train reading one of my newest Amazon book arrivals earlier this summer.  The train was quiet and me and it were just humming along together.  Coffee in one hand, new book in another.  A bit of a heavenly morning really.

Then I read it.

The question that was posed in this book.

Such a simple and uncomplicated and straightforward question.

And…. Aha!   I sat up straight, eyes wide, looking manically around for someone to share it with.  I almost spilled my Starbucks (on my white shorts!) while momentarily stunned, mouth open, perched forward on my seat,

This question (and my subsequent thought spiral) changed how I interpret SO much of how I feel about what happens in my life.

I love an Aha! moment as they are rare and when they arrive they strike light lightning – bold and liberating and awe-inducing.

Hearing about other peoples epiphany’s make my day.  You have to share the wisdom when it strikes!  What was your most recent Aha! moment?




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