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I was upset recently when I writer I admire and have known for a couple of years said no when I asked him if I could interview him for my upcoming book.  I was certain he would say yes as I promote his work so frequently and we have been in touch pretty consistently since 2013.  
Why did he turn me down?  I asked myself.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Then I took a couple of deep breaths and came back to earth.  
This wasn’t about me.  This man is busy.  He probably gets a million requests.  I am sure his mind and to-do list is jam-packed with stuff and being interviewed by a first time author could not compete this month.  Timing was probably not right.   Hey – I can always ask again (I believe in the power of asking!) or maybe his inclusion in my book isn’t as important as I thought.  
And so my disappointment lasted about 43 seconds.
There is the good news to contemplate the next time you feel scared, blown off of rejected. And trust me, it is good news: It’s not all about you. 
Now… could that take the pressure off a little? This information, when understood correctly, is very calming.  It never fails to make me feel better in an instant!  
Today’s video is about how to see things a little differently when you are anxious or when life doesn’t go your way.  How you can see something differently this week?
How To Get Over Feeling Nervous, Ignored or Rejected.001

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