Denise Duffield-Thomas – This woman changed how I feel about money…


Denise Duffield-Thomas changed how I feel about money…

My #1 life belief is that you can create the life you want. When I come across someone who sheds light on this belief in a new way, I’m like a 4 year old kid who ate 3 packets of M&Ms.

This happened to me last year when I was introduced to Denise Duffield-Thomas. As soon as I finished her 2 books I knew I had to interview her to share you with you what I learned. Denise radically changed my money mindset (and I always thought I had a pretty abundant mindset to begin with).

Today’s video is a very exciting one for me.  Here is what we cover in our juicy interview:

– How self-love directly affects your income (it’s not as obvious as you might think).

– Why we have so much guilt and “stuff” surrounding money – this is so liberating!

– Why making money and having fun can happen simultaneously – cue the angels singing!

– Why we constantly underestimate our natural talents that we can, in fact, get paid for.

– The fastest path to manifesting money, distilled into baby steps.

It’s a must watch!  You can also sign up for her free classes here:

Free money blocks course

Free money in 24 hours course

(signups are closed…)

I KNOW you have big plans this year.  Here’s to you and your incredibly abundant 2016!

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