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Last year, I was lucky enough to escape on a warm break with my husband to the gorgeous Dominican Republic. As an extrovert who can be a little over scheduled, I experienced some initial feelings of anxiety/displacement/unease on vacation (does anyone else ever feel this way, or am I nuts)!?

And so I remedied this with a lot of reading. Ahhh… just me and my iPad with hours to read and no interruptions – it turned out to be bliss!

Because my usual self-help books felt a little work-y, I downloaded Amy Schumer’s, Andy Cohen’s and Anna Kendrick’s books. And I loved them all. I realized it had been so long since I had read any biographies that I forgot the major lessons that exist quietly within them. When you consume the hilarious words of a comic, the diaries of a TV show host and the stories of a child actress, you may think there’d be no commonalities at all.

But there was one major commonality in these books.

And it’s not just found in these books of course.

It’s the same thread that is present in so many of the other books that I’ve read about people who’ve succeeded, the stories I’ve heard about people winning when the odds are against them and it’s the quality that’s present within the lives within of every single successful person I’ve met and coached.

All people who achieve their dreams possess this one undramatic, unwavering and robust quality. They are willing to do what it takes. No exceptions.

It struck me as a true “Aha!” moment and made me excited to ensure it’s a present quality in my life this year, too. To be willing.

When you consider what it is that you want to do this year, ask yourself:

What are you willing to do in order to achieve it?

  • Amy Schumer juggled multiple hospitality jobs and multiple stand up routines every single week for years. She would stand outside comedy clubs (in 10 degree weather) handing out flyers to get people to go inside so that she could perform for them. 
  • Andy Cohen started in the TV business as an Intern. Now he records multiple shows per day and travels non-stop for new show pitches, meetings and live interviews.
  • Anna Kendrick was on Broadway age 12, moved to Yonkers with her dad on a union wage and acted in eight shows a week. She said a lot of kids her age took a break to just be a kid for a while. But she “wasn’t going to take a career in the arts for granted.”

The willingness to do what it takes to fulfill your life’s vision and allow yourself to fully become it does not just apply to celebrities of course. It applies to everyone who gets the results and manifestations in their lives that they want. And, it never ends. It’s ongoing, fun and quite beautiful, really.

This is not about killing ourselves. This is not about being workaholics. It’s not about sacrifice. It’s about knowing what you want. And putting that all-important thing (you know what it is to you!) first in your life. Steven Pressfield calls it Turning Pro. Abraham Hicks calls it The Art of Allowing. I have written about The 100% Rule, the great advice I received from a mentor of mine.

Being willing is about consistent, applied, focused energy to do what it takes to achieve your desires. Because when you are truly willing, everything becomes easier. If something matters to you deeply, really deeply: you become willing to do anything to actualise it.

This week, you can consider your biggest goal this year and ask yourself:

  • How important is this to me?
  • Why does this matter so much to me, exactly? List all of the reasons! Even if it’s just in your mind. Don’t be shy.
  • What happens if I achieve it?
  • What happens if I don’t achieve it?
  • Am I willing to do whatever it takes to get there?

If the final answer is yes, it’s in the bag, baby. Whatever. It. Takes.

Because nothing is stronger than human will.

Eagerness. Enthusiasm. Hunger. They are unbeatable. Jack Canfield’s book, Chicken Soup For the Soul, took 12 months to become a New York Times bestselling book after it’s release. Because he did five things every single day to get it there. Five! Every day! For a year! How could it not hit that list with such inspired action? So much can be done in a year, can’t it?

Have you ever heard someone say, “Yes I tried, but to be honest I never thought it was going to work out…”? Or “I guess I can give it a go {reluctant tone}…”? Or even see a #resolutionfail social media post or two so far this year?

The problem is not the person. Nor the challenge or task they’ve set. It’s the absence of their willingness to achieve it.

What are you willing to do this year? Please share with me in the comments below!


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