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I knew the answer before she even finished asking the question. I knew it because every time I hear someone open their mouth with words along the lines of , “I really want to X or Y, but…” I start to nod my head. And my answer is always the same. 

I was a speaker at an event last month and the lady in the audience who raised her hand said she really wanted to start a side business but “had no idea how to begin.” But… But that? Really? Honestly? That was the but? Hmmmm.

I no longer buy it.

What did that but really mean? What does it almost always mean?

In a word: FEAR.

There are a million blogs, books and podcasts out there telling you how to start a side hustle. Heck – I wrote one! She does know how to begin…

She could simply find out with a Google search, an Amazon click, or just be attending the very event that she was at in person…

It troubles me when people suffer from excusitis. It’s what best-selling author David J Schwarz calls “the failure disease”Because I know that almost anything that you want to do or dream of doing is possible.

Today I’m sharing with you today a common trick I use to push myself out of my comfort zone. To prove to myself on the regular that I can do more than I think I can. And to constantly remind myself that life is all about expansion, spirit and novelty. 

A fully charged life is all about trying new things. Leaving your comfort zone. Doing something for the first time. Small or big, these things add up and show you how strong, capable and powerful you really are. And they can be crazy fun, too!

Whaddya waiting for?

  1. Go someplace you’ve never been before! Right now I am writing to you from Brighton, England. I’m here visiting my mum and best friend in the UK before the holidays. My mum and I have never been here before and it makes us feel alive (just like little kids with the beach and the pier outside our window)!

It doesn’t have to be expensive either. You can try a Sunday staycation by just checking out an unfamiliar area in your town.

  1. Take a class on a subject unrelated to your career, something you’ve always been interested in, but never made the time to pursue. Side note: This is how I started life coaching and it changed the trajectory of my entire life!
  1. Forgive someone you’ve been holding a grudge towards this year. Think of 5 good things about that person. Release the anger and feel the light enter. Exhale!
  1. Tune into a random Spotify or Pandora station you never usually would – jazz, a French radio station, rock. Dance in your living room! Why not?
  1. Send a long overdue thank you card to somehow who deserves it. It doesn’t matter if it’s arriving even a decade late. Better late than never!
  1. Watch an old classic movie. Let old Hollywood move you. Casablanca, anyone?
  1. Plan a little party at your home. It can be super simple. I recently hosted a girls night with ordered-in pizza. Everyone brought wine. It was wonderful. As Gretchin Rubin says, “I’d rather have friends over for takeout than plan the perfect dinner party that never happens.”
  1. Organize a clothes swap with your friends. My friend in Australia used to do this and it was always a hit! Anything you would sell online or donate to goodwill you can instead share amongst friends who do the same. You’ll leave with a new wardrobe. One man’s trash…
  1. Start a blog. I can’t tell you how many people come to me with their inner desire to write and share what’s inside of them with the world – from green living to parenting advice to style tips and happiness hacks. Stepping out of my comfort zone through this blog has made me the happiest human I have ever been! And I get to share it with you. Blogging is exhilarating, empowering and courageous. What could be better?
  1. Learn a new language. You can do this for free on YouTube. Or at least learn 10-15 phrases. You will feel sophisticated and totally impress your friends the next time you’re at an Italian or Japanese restaurant.
  1. Read a self-development book. Here is a list of some of my favourites!
  1. Give! It’s scientifically proven that generosity boosts our happiness in a way that lasts. It’s not too late to donate $25 to Doctors Without Borders in Syria this holiday season! Big love to you for doing this, truly – a thousand thanks.
  1. Order a random coffee/cocktail/sandwich next time you go out. It’s so easy to be stuck in our routine of soy latte/pinot grigio/tuna melt. Try something poles apart and just have fun with it! Life is allowed to be light and pleasurable and carefree. Small pleasures my friend, small pleasures.

This is a simple list but it works for me every time.

What new things have you tried or want to try? How have you stepped out of your comfort zone recently?

Please share with me in the comments box below!

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