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Have you ever had the feeling that you’re not living your full #girlboss potential and you should be? If you ever find yourself daydreaming about turning your passion into a part-time job, then you’re probably onto something. And what better time to get started than now, especially when the side hustle is the trend du jour. Today, more than ever before, it’s actually easier to begin that self-starting, entrepreneurial path. Here are six clear signs that you should consider launching your very own side hustle STAT.

1. Your job doesn’t define you. If you often feel bored or even stifled at your nine-to-five job, and you’re realizing more and more that you just weren’t built for cubicle life, it might be time to consider launching your own side hustle. Even if you don’t fully quit whatever career you’re currently pursuing, cutting back your hours to focus some time and energy on a passion project can seriously enrich your everyday life.

2. You don’t work well with structure. No matter how cool your office perks are, many people can’t handle the structure of a job that sets rigid rules, hours, and performance expectations. It can start to feel too much like school (or even jail). If this rings true for you, you might need to bust out of that corporate box and get your side hustle on.

3. You’re a self-starter. Are you a natural leader? Self-motivated, energetic, motivated personalities make great side hustlers. When I was running my side hustle and working my full-time job, I’d write before work. I’d coach in the evenings. It felt great! I loved the ownership and security of the business being mine. In fact, in the beginning for me, it wasn’t about the money at all. It was about being my own boss. If you can motivate yourself, you’re 99 percent there.

4. You have a great idea. And it probably involves solving a problem you see in people’s lives. Passionate problem solving is the cornerstone of all solid businesses. If you’re a natural problem solver who helps people with your advice, skill set, creativity, knowledge, network, and/or smarts, you’re a side hustler just waiting to bloom.

5. You’re restless. If you feel there is an undercurrent of dissatisfaction in your life, it’s very possible that it’s due to you holding something back from the world. There is great satisfaction and joy in being a creator and entrepreneur. You just know you have more to give than you’re currently giving.

6. Your role models are entrepreneurs. Take note of who you look up to. If it’s Richard Branson, Victoria Beckham, Lena Dunham, or anyone who has built a successful empire of their own, it may be time to strike your own path. Whoever you most aspire to be like is a great indicator of what’s inside of you.

If a side hustle feels right for you, it’s time to get busy! There is no time to waste and a whole lotta freedom, satisfaction, and cash to receive into your life.

What’s your dream side hustle? Let me know in the comments!

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