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It’s been said that losing your job is one of the leading causes of stress, but I don’t see it that way.

I live in Manhattan and I don’t think a day goes by where the majority of its city dwellers don’t fear getting fired. However this fear is not limited to our urban metropolis. Fear of being let go from our employer is universal and does not discriminate on location, position or industry.

Our culture has become driven and motivated by fear. It pervades our lives and thoughts–our daily commute, our conversations, and even our decision on whether or not to speak up in meetings. The unsettling feeling that fear gives us cannot be denied. That is the bad news. The good news is – it can be reduced. And with a lot of perspective, even eliminated!

Here are 5 reasons to never fear losing your job again:

Fear Losing a Job Stalls Our Creativity

The best ideas and moments of inspiration come to us when we are in an optimistic mindset. Fear crushes this. Ironically, our ideas, judgments and ability to think are why we are employed!

Fear Stops Us From Doing Our Best Work

The Ancient Greeks defined happiness as the joy of striving towards our potential. When we are busy with fearful feelings, there is limited joy and limited striving. Fear not only stops the flow of creative ideas, it rears its ugly head in all aspects of their actualization. If we are thinking in a fearful (and not a proactive, empowered) way, we simply will not achieve the results and outcomes that we are capable of. Our minds are not inspired and receptive, they are shut off. This is a recipe for sadness far beyond just the fear of getting fired.

Your Worry Is Exaggerated and Unreal

Think, if you were to be fired today, would you still be alive? I would say so. And if so, would you be living under a bridge? Probably not. This is where perspective matters above all. The event of losing a job is often much more bearable than the months, even years of fear that precede it. A friend of mine who was recently let go from her position told me that, after the initial shock, her next emotion was actually relief. She now is happy it happened – her only regret was worrying about it so much. Funny, isn’t it?

Something Better Is Waiting

We need to trust the universe a little more. There exists an intentional nature of things and with hindsight we often understand why things happen when they do (even though they seem terrible and disappointing at the time). Maybe it is high time to get out of that job that is not serving you. There is an excellent chance that something much better and more suitable is waiting for you. It will become clear with time. Take peace in surrender.

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Nothing Actually Changes – Just Your Job Status.

Think about it. When you are fired, if it ever actually happens, what is different? You are the same person, same IQ, same personality, same friends, same health. The only thing that has changed is your job status for a temporary time. So what? A job can be replaced.

Use your precious energy towards the contribution you can be making to your work, your passions, the world. Fear and worry is a total waste of time that just robs you of your power and strength.

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