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Here I want to talk to you about something that can totally destroy our peace, joy and wellbeing: worrying.

Worry is a complete and utter misuse of our energy, power, and imagination.  As a confidence coach it’s my job to help people overcome their limiting fears, beliefs and incessant mental chatter about what could go wrong in the future. We have a thousand fears and “what if’s” that pervade our thoughts. These worries paralyse us. They make us feel stuck. They encourage us to be complacent and to do nothing.

The irony is that the things we worry about – even if they were actually to happen –  wouldn’t be nearly as terrible we think they would be.  Isn’t that a wonderful thing to know? Watch this video to find out why and have a major exhale/relief/chill-the-heck-out moment this week.

Let this video lighten and brighten your Sunday mood!

I’d love to here from you in the comments box below. I respond to each comment.


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