5 Benefits You Give Up When You Don’t Ask for a Raise (That Have Nothing to Do With Money)


“I wonder what Michael is earning…” I used to think to myself, while sitting in my cubicle, getting increasingly frustrated about the fact he was strolling in late — again.

Michael was a couple of years older than I was, and we had the same sales title at a recruitment firm in Sydney, Australia. He had worked there a little longer than me, and something in my bones just knew he received a much higher salary. I resented him for it, and then resented myself for resenting him.

Sure Michael was definitely earning more than me—but who was responsible for that? He was. And whose fault was it that I was being underpaid? I was. The joke was on me. I had to take responsibility for my income and be able to ask for what I believed I deserved.  Read more here…

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