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I believe that life is short.
Opportunity is around every corner.
And nothing changes unless you do.

If you believe those things too, you’re in the right place, my love!

Here’s how we can create something beautiful together:

TRANSFORM: 1-on-1 Life Coaching

Most people live their lives through a Sierra Instagram filter. It looks alright, but life just isn’t as colorful as you know it could be.

If you’re ready to kick life up a notch…
If you wake up wondering “is this all there is?”…
If you know there’s something bigger out there for you…

One-on-one coaching will get you there.

I’m an NYU-trained coach and my style is a mix of no-nonsense practicality (must be the Brit in me!) and lean strategy, with optimistic moxie drizzled on top. You’ll get clear on what you want — what you really, really want — create a structured action plan, and take the steps to get there with me at your side.

In short? You’ll make. real. stuff. happen. in your life.

In my world, self-confidence and self-reliance are everything. I’ll be your supportive bestie but I can’t be your coach forever. That’s why I teach you to depend on yourself (see also: love yourself) so you’ll keep pushing forward long after our work together ends.

One-on-one coaching is a true driver of transformation. You’ll never be the same.

I only open a few one-on-one coaching spots each year, on a first come, first served basis. Complete this application form to hear from me.

STRETCH: Side Hustle Made Simple

What if I told you you could build a dreamy side business that taps into your passions and makes $1K, $5K, or even $10K+ in extra income each month …without leaving the stability of your day job?

That’s exactly what The Side Hustle Made Simple is about, friend!

It’s not always possible (or smart) to leave your day job and start your dream business. Some coaches will tell you to ‘jump and the net will appear.’ That’s so not my style. I’m also a (highly practical) Capricorn.

But it is my style to help you start your dream business…not next year, not “someday,” but NOW. And we’ll do it in a way with zero risk and 100% reward.

The Side Hustle Made Simple is a highly structured 6-week program to start your side business and get your first paying client in 30 days. Because of my background in startups, I know how to make a mountain out of limited resources. I started my coaching business on the side of my busy day job. And after 18 months of side hustling, my biz was making enough for me to walk away from my multiple six-figure corporate salary.

This isn’t just an idea I’m passionate about — I’ve lived and breathed the Side Hustle lifestyle! I can’t wait for you to experience how freeing, fulfilling, and financially rewarding building your side hustle truly is.

Sign up for Side Hustle Prep School here – my free mini course. You’ll discover if Side Hustle Made Simple is your perfect fit…. Hint – if you’re still reading, it probably is!

START A FIRE: Corporate Events

To retain team members and keep them engaged, CEOs need to prove they care about their employees beyond sales targets and success metrics. You have to show you value their wellbeing as individuals, first and foremost. And you don’t do that with snooze-worthy cooking nights or stationary parties. (Just being honest!)

Your next corporate seminar or team-building event can intermix mindfulness, motivation, and straight-up fun.

Each interactive event is custom-designed based on your goals. My favorite topics to speak about include:

  • Tech (including women in tech)
  • Personal development + coaching
  • Startup strategy + culture
  • Goal-setting
  • Merger coaching
  • Enhancing team dynamics
  • Soft skills training

Your employees will leave the event feeling confident, solution-minded, and inspired like never before. They’ll have a hunger for pursuing workplace opportunities. They’ll know how to get their voices heard internally. They’ll cultivate a sense of balance within the office.

Most importantly, we’ll kindle an internal fire of self-worth to be the best version of themselves. With a team full of invigorated employees, there’s no limit to what you can achieve together.

Want to talk about bringing that fire to your team? Email info@susie-moore.com for more information.

IMAGINE: Vision Board Events

How often does your organization ask your members to “imagine” and “have a vision”?

Mental and emotional health are paramount when it comes to happiness and wellbeing. But in our go-go-go culture, we rarely take the time to pause, honor our creativity, and practice mindfulness.

That’s why vision board events are so transformational. They ignite a childlike sense of imagination in your team members. Your event is a decadent time to create space, chill, be yourself, and reconnect with who you are. And just plain having fun!

While creating and sharing their boards, participants get to know each other and connect on a deeper level. It’s not every day we have conversations around what we really want out of life — and these events allow us to understand more deeply and share more about the person we truly are.

If you want to learn more about hosting a vision board event to connect your company, team, club, industry, or other organization, contact me at info@susie-moore.com.

GET CURIOUS: What if It Does Work Out?

So many people live their lives in fear, asking “what if it doesn’t work out?” But what would happen if we flip the script and wonder “what if it does?”

In my debut Amazon bestseller, you’ll learn how to retrain your brain to accept the truth that you CAN build a thriving business doing work you love. You’ll learn to take the first steps toward making your vision a reality…without leaving your day job.

All of my favorite topics come together in What If It Does Work Out? You’ll learn the efficiency strategies of startups, the networking and marketing techniques of sales stars, and the boundless optimism of life coaches (and happy people worldwide.)

You’ll also read interviews with today’s most prominent entrepreneurs — including James Altucher, Derek Flanzraich, and Alex Cavalacous — on their hard-won hustling nuggets of wisdom.

Building a side business isn’t only wildly rewarding, it’s financially savvy. In such an uncertain marketplace where no one’s financial future is secure, starting your own business has never been more practical. What If It Does Work Out? will teach you the proven strategies to start a lucrative side hustle that fulfills you on every level.

If you’re curious about starting your side business, this is the perfect place to start.

Click here to purchase your copy.

INSPIRE: Join My Newsletter

Despite my three-cups-of-soy misto coffee disposition, I know that life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. The way I keep my sunny outlook is by focusing on the good and consciously feeding my soul with positive, uplifting messages.

That’s what my weekly newsletters are for. Every Sunday, you’ll get a love note from me to inspire, motivate, and get you thinking differently about life. It’s the perfect way to close out your weekend and move into a fabulous week ahead. (Because life’s too short to hate Monday!)

When you sign up, you’ll also get my Life Coaching Guide: the 5 questions to ask yourself to feel awesome now.

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A bit of free coaching before you go?

The brilliant Leonardo DaVinci said:

“People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”

If you’re thinking about taking a step to live your best life, trust yourself.

Take that step.

Don’t wait.

When life can be so technicolor beautiful, don’t waste another second with doubt.

Your future is waiting…and it can be so much more fabulous than you ever imagined.

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Want to interview me?

I’m happily available for interviews, profiles, and expert series. Please contact info@susie-moore.com for more info.