Hello there! I’m Susie.

I’m a coach, writer, advisor to startups, and life enthusiast on a quest to help you wake up excited for your life every morning.

The best piece of insight I can give you is this:

Life is one big freakin’ adventure.

You can love your life, every second of it.

You can make the most of this one time around.

You can have a meaningful career that doesn’t just indulge your shoe shopping habit, but fulfills you on a deeper level.

You can explore new opportunities, feel energized daily, and have a zest for life.

You can feel alive.

If you’re ready for those things, pour yourself a glass of rosé and buckle up, my love. Because life’s about to get incredibly fun.

No matter where you are at this moment, I know that you can have the life you want.

I say that so confidently because everything I have, I’ve created for myself. It’s a bit of a running joke with my friends that I’m actually not qualified for anything.

I didn’t graduate from business school (or any school, after age 18.) I’m not a trained journalist. I had zero connections when I moved from England to Sydney…and then again to New York City.

And today?

I’m a #1 bestselling author.

I’ve written for the Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Business Insider, and Time Inc. and have been featured on the Today show as well as in Forbes, Inc., LifeHacker, the BBC and many other global publications.

I’ve interviewed extraordinary businesswomen like Arianna Huffington, Kris Jenner, and billionaire Sara Blakely, the trailblazing founder of SPANX.

I climbed my way up the corporate ladder, working as a Fortune 500 Sales Director in my last j-o-b.

I helped build three startups — all of which were sold, the most recent of which for $405M.

I built a multi-six figure coaching business that allowed me to walk away from my corporate position without breaking a sweat.

And I suppose I could start to take myself seriously because of all that. But serious is a little boring, right? And as one of my favorite writers, Oscar Wilde said, “Life is far too important to be taken seriously.”

Instead, I just find it all interesting. Because I don’t have any of the things the proverbial “They” tell us that we need in order to succeed …and that hasn’t held me back one tiny bit.

So go home, They. You’re drunk.

I suppose that’s why I’m so obsessed with startup culture. Startups come from humble beginnings and they transform into so. much. more.

Apple, Disney, Google. These giants all started in garages. I mean, does it get less glamorous than that? But the one thing all good success stories have in common is a courageous decision to START. With heart. With hustle. With sharp insight into knowing their strengths and how to make the most of their (often limited) resources.

That’s what I’ve done my entire corporate career. It’s also what helped me leave that career for my coaching business.

And it’s what I’m going to help you do, too. On whatever path it is that you wish to follow.

You’ll learn to recognize and harness your strengths, passions, and resources and turn them into something truly incredible.

You’ll connect the (currently invisible) dots to get from where you are to where you want to be.

You’ll start to see that you’re capable of so much more than you realize (or “They” tell you that you are.)

And you’ll love the journey, too.

Because like I said, life’s just one big freakin’ adventure. And it’s a terrible waste not to treat it like one.

Join thousands of other vivacious hustlers who know life’s about so much more than ordinary thinkers will have you believe. to start creating your best life, now.

Official Bio

Susie Moore is an advisor to high-growth startups in Silicon Valley and New York City, and a life coach specializing in helping life-curious professionals find their passion and make an impact (and a fortune!)

Her first book “What if it DOES Work Out?” debuted as a #1 Amazon bestseller in Women & Business. In it, Susie shares secrets to transform your passion into cash, honed from her successful career as a Fortune 500 Sales Director. She has also helped build three startups, all of which were sold – the most recent of which for $405 million.

Susie has been featured on the Today show, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Time Inc., MindBodyGreen, and is the resident Life Coach and Columist for Greatist. Susie’s insights have been shared by thought leaders including Arianna Huffington, Paulo Coelho and SPANX Founder, Sara Blakely.

When she’s not working, Susie can be found exploring New York City, planning her travels (next up: an extended stint in France!) brewing the perfect cup of English Breakfast tea, and spending time with her husband Heath and their tiny (not very bright but certainly very loveable) dog, Coco.




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